How to Properly Accessorize Wedding Dresses

As much fun as it is to go shopping for wedding dresses, now it’s time to accessorize! The only thing you to remember: Don’t overdo it. You’re going to find so many beautiful pieces of jewelry, but you have to resist the temptation and narrow it down to just a couple of items. Just follow these steps and you’ll be stunning as you walk down the aisle.

How to Properly Accessorize Wedding Dresses

Know what looks good with your gown color.

  • White Gown: Stay away from anything gold, they will clash with your gown. Stick with pearls or platinum.
  • Diamond-white Gown: Opt for either gold or silver to go with this barely off-white gown. Even rose gold would look beautiful.
  • Ivory Gown: Gold jewelry would complement the creamy color of this gown beautifully.

Consider your neckline.

  • Sweetheart or Strapless: Switch things up and focus on gorgeous chandelier earrings instead of a necklace. You could use a meaningful gem or pick a color that matches your bouquet. For a softer look, put a silk flower in your hair.
  • V-neck: A pendant or a choker would be your best option for this style neckline. Or you could wear a simple chain with a small pendant or a strand of pearls.
  • Halter or Reverse Halter: Skip the fancy necklaces and extravagant earrings with this dress. Instead, focus on your hair. A loose ponytail or sleek bun would look great. Add in a crystal hairpin or headband for a striking look.
  • Go-to Wedding Accessories: There are some kinds of jewelry that you can never go wrong with: diamond drop-earrings with a sophisticated necklace, such as pearls or a diamond pendant choker.

The one thing you want to remember when you’re picking out wedding gown accessories is to make sure everything you wear represents you. If you don’t like extravagant pieces, stick with diamond studs. Wear what makes you comfortable and represents you.

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