How to Spice up Your Wedding

How to Spice up Your Wedding

We all want to look our very best when walking down the isle. But how do you separate yourself from the thousands of other brides getting married every month? Here are some tips to turn your perfect day into a stylish runway show! 

Diamond Jackets Spice up the Wedding

Spice up your dress with a sash

Sometimes the dress just isn’t enough, adding on a colorful sash could make your dress really pop! It has been seen on numerous episodes of Say Yes to the Dress, the bride isn’t 100% satisfied with the dress, the stylists add a sash and, bam! The dress becomes a flawless masterpiece! If you need more bling there are also sashes that come in intricate bejeweled designs!

Earring Jackets are a Must!

If you have plain diamond studs, add some bling bling to them by putting those babies through an earring jacket! Earring jackets range from inexpensive to very high priced, you can rent them from a jeweler or own them for when you need a different look for your earrings. Many are made for studs, but you can find great drop earring jackets that are perfect for a wedding! The way these work is you put your diamond stud earring through a little hole and they stay in by the earring backs!

Bling up the Bouquet 

If you are wearing a blinged-up dress and don’t think your bouquet is up to par with the outfit there are very cool websites and wedding stores that sell “bling petals” that you stick into the flowers! Another suggestion is putting a diamonds-by-the-yard necklace within the bouquet to give an elegant shine to the flowers. Whichever you choose it will lookawesome!!


Become a Flower Child

Be part of the stereotype, wear a flower head piece if you are having a very “pinterest” wedding! Since headpieces are becoming more prominent in this day and age there are certain vales you can wear to emphasize the flowers without making it look like there is an awkward bouquet on your head.

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