How to Spot a Wedding Crasher


Now, you most likely aren’t going to need to use this list for your wedding. But just in case you’re one of the lucky few to host a wedding that’s so great that a stranger wants to join you, here is…

How to Spot a Wedding Crasher

  1. He’s dancing with Your Nana. In the Crasher’s mind, if he’s dancing with an elderly person, chances are they won’t have the best memory and will assume she’s related to him somehow.  
  2. His story is always changing. If he’s talking to someone from the groom‘s side, he knows the bride; if he’s talking to the bride’s side, he knows the groom. It’s sneaky, but it works more often than you think. You can catch him in the act by having the bride and groom confront him together.
  3. He makes a point to stand out. An expert Crasher will go all out – bear hugs the groom, dances with the bride, and gives an outrageous toast. If you run across someone like this and they aren’t your best friend or brother, you better keep an eye on him.
  4. He came in late. If this guy made his entrance at the reception and skipped out on the ceremony, you probably have a Crasher on your hands.
  5. He’s a great liar. The Crasher will have elaborate stories ready from “back in the day” about “good ole Chuck…you know Chuuuck! He was crazy!” Do you even know a ‘Chuck’?
  6. He’s never sitting down. You’re probably safe from the Crasher if you have assigned seating at your reception. Unless he decides he just isn’t going to sit down the entire time. He’s all over the place – the dance floor, bathroom, bar – but he steers clear of a table.
  7. He’s avoiding the wedding planner. Your planner knows that guest list like the back of her hand. Plus, she’s been to her fair share of wedding so you know she can spot a Wedding Crasher with ease.
  8. He says he’s a fifth cousin. Really? Who invites their fifth cousin to their wedding? That’s a dead giveaway.
  9. He wasn’t at the ceremony. The Crasher’s here for the party – there’s no chance he sat through your beautiful, romantic ceremony. Ask him questions about the ceremony. What did he think of the minister? What was his favorite part?
  10. He’s a really good dancer. The Crasher is arrogant and loves showing off the dance moves he picked up at other weddings that he’s crashed. Keep an eye on the guy with all of the smooth moves and shows them off any chance he gets.

Honestly, what’s the real harm of someone crashing your wedding? The only harm really being done is that he’s eating your cake and drinking your booze. In fact, take it as a compliment – this guy showed up at your wedding because he knew he would have an awesome time. Congratulations, you had a rockin’ wedding!

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