How to Spot Fake Tiffany & Co. Jewelry

How to Spot Fake Tiffany & Co. Jewelry

So you just purchased some Tiffany & Co. jewelry and it seems a bit out of the ordinary to you. First thing is to check the packaging, the Tiffany blue has hints of green, the blue is more of a sea foam coloration. The fake packaging is usually more of a blue/teal color. If you are buying Tiffany from a pre-owned jewelry store or estate boutique and the original box and papers does not come with the jewelry piece there are other ways of spotting the fakes apart from the real. Here are the four steps in determining what is authentic.

1. The Font: The Tiffany’s font is usually upper case font with a lower case o. For example the stamping should say TIFFANY & Co. All of the jewelry will be stamped upper case no matter what. You want to make sure the font is completely centered and even. The writing is going to be smaller, if the height looks a bit long the likelihood of the jewelry being fake is high.

Tiffany and Co fake vs real

2. Weight: Tiffany & co. uses high quality material when designing products. Mostly all  gold pieces are 18k yellow gold, the silver pieces should all be stamped 925. All silver material weighs more than the average silver because of its higher quality. It also should have a bright sparkle to it. All pieces should be symmetrical, for example the heart pendant piece come in small, medium, and large. Even though there is a significant size difference, the width should never be compromised. If you hold a real and fake Tiffany heart piece up to each other you will notice the awkward shape difference.

3. Perfect links: Tiffany was founded in 1837 by Charles Lewis Tiffany. With such a prestigious, older company Tiffany & Co. takes its time in creating immaculate products. The charm bracelets are the perfect example of what I am talking about. The links of the charm should be completely circular. Fake models usually are poorly soldered and uneven.

Fake Tiffany & Co

4. Stamping: All Tiffany & Co. products will be stamped with their uppercase TIFFANY & Co. logo. For pendants or chain necklaces they will be a long horizontal stamped piece. Down below is an example:

Tiffany: Fake or Real

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