How to Take Care of Your Engagement Ring

He’s popped the question, finally! Take a look at your finger and replay that beautiful moment in your head when he asked for your hand in marriage. Now, snap back to reality. Yes, you’re ring is beautiful and perfect, but it takes some effort to keep that brilliant shine. If you want that symbol of love to last forever, I suggest you check out this list of how to take care of your engagement ring.

Cleaning: It’s really simple. Just soak the ring in warm water for at least 30 minutes with liquid detergent. You could also soak your ring in a solution consisting of 50 parts ammonia and 50 parts cool water. Then use a soft brush to tap the front and back of the ring to loosen up any dirt. Rinse again in the solution, and then pat dry.

Wedding Ring Prongs: Your engagement ring prongs need some TLC, too. Over time, they can become weak, bent or loose. Check your stone by holding it up to your ear and slightly tapping it. If it makes a slight rattling sound, the stone is loose. Just in case the stone is loose, you should have a trusted jeweler inspect your engagement ring, provide a professional cleaning, and look over your prongs.

Storage: When not wearing your diamond engagement ring, you need to carefully store in a separate jewelry case or individually with a lined compartment, keeping diamonds from getting scratched up by rubbing against other pieces of jewelry.

Protection: For those of you who work a little more hands-on, you should definitely take off your ring when doing things like operating heavy machinery or construction work. This way you can steer clear of breaks, splits, cracks, and looseness. Remember, even digging in the ground when you are gardening can cause damage to an engagement ring!

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