Is a Radiant Engagement Ring Right for You?

Radiant Engagement RingRadiant engagement rings provide the flash of brilliant round diamond rings in a square cut. If you’re looking for an engagement ring style and aren’t sure if this is the right one for you, just keep reading! This helpful guide provides you with information on characteristics of the radiant cut, pros and cons, best settings for radiant cut engagement rings and some extra shopping tips.

Is a Radiant Engagement Ring Right for You?

Characteristics of the Radiant Cut:

The radiant cut is a mixed cut, which combines the stunning beauty of the round brilliant with a square shape and trimmed corners. Master diamond cutter Henry Grossbard created this cut in the mid 1970s, and his efforts resulted in ultimate perfection and beauty. Radiant cut diamond engagement rings have the ‘wow’ factor – even if the diamond is less than one carat – and the cut is admired for its beauty. The cut is deep, has an average of 70 facets, and makes an extensive pavilion.

Pros and Cons of Radiant Engagement Rings:

  • For a striking first-class engagement ring, this may be the perfect style.
  • The radiant cut has trimmed corners, so any risks of the diamond breaking or chipping are lessened.
  • Radiant engagement rings are a very versatile cut – they look stunning in small or large carat sizes, as a solitaire or combined with side stones.
  • This cut won’t magnify inclusions, blemishes or color tints in the diamond. Instead, it actually hides small flaws.
  • The biggest con to radiant engagement rings is that only a limited number of jewelry retailers have a large selection of quality cut radiant diamonds.

Best Settings for Radiant Engagement Rings:

  • The best setting for radiant cut engagement rings is a 4-pronged setting. This type of setting will hold the center stone securely, and will maximize light access to the stone, further enhancing the stunning qualities of the ring.
  • Bezel settings can also be used on engagement rings with radiant cut diamonds, but this type of closed setting will block some of the light, making it appear less striking.
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