Is a Solitaire Engagement Ring Right for You?

Probably the most popular of all engagement ring styles is the solitaire engagement ring, and for good reason. This ring choice represents a bride who is sleek, stylish, and sticks with tradition. A single diamond is placed at the center of the ring, which draws more attention and making the diamond even seem a little bit bigger than it would with other ring styles. The Tiffany mount, named after Tiffany & Co., is very popular for this style and hosts a set of six prongs with hold the diamond safely in place. By holding the diamond in this way rather than setting it into the band allows the diamond to appear more brilliant because of the extra room it has. Well…

Is a Solitaire Engagement Ring Right for You?

This is not your only choice for engagement ring settings, though. There are a countless number of possibilities for a solitaire ring, such as a pave setting.

Modern solitaire rings: Sure, traditional is beautiful, but maybe it’s too safe for your taste. A modern version of a solitaire ring make it possible to use diamonds other than the typical round cut. Instead, the design of this setting allows for other diamond shapes to be just as brilliant.

Classic solitaire rings: Maybe you do prefer to stick with the always-gorgeous class solitaire ring. If so, you will probably also want to stick with the timeless and flattering white gold as opposed to yellow gold, depending on your skin tone. Nothing can really compare to a traditional ring to symbolize the love that you and your fiancé share together. This is the perfect ring to represent the commitment the two of you will have for the rest of your lives.

Now all that you have left to consider is the diamond. Whether you choose a larger than life diamond so all eyes are on you or you decide on a classy understated piece, make sure that the option represents you!

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