Is Katy Perry Walking Down the Aisle Again?

Is Katy Perry Walking Down the Aisle Again?

Are John Mayer and Katy Heading Towards the Aisle?

Ring John Mayer Gave Katy

“Unconditionally” singer Katy Perry, 29 has been on and off with soulful rocker John Mayer, 36 on and off for a year now but are there wedding bells in the future for these two? At the MTV Europe Music Awards in Amsterdam Perry flashed us with a diamond ring on the finger!

Sources say it is inevitable that the couple will eventually get engaged, personally we don’t think there is a legitimate engagement yet! For Valentines Day Mayer gave Perry a Heart Shaped gold ring that she sports on her left ring finger. We can tell they are getting pretty serious!

This would be Katy’s second marriage, she was fleetingly married to funny-man Russell Brand. Although John Mayer hasn’t been married that doesn’t mean he has a clean slate. Mayer has been previously linked to Jennifer Anniston, Taylor Swift, Jessica Simpson and Jennifer Love Hewitt.

Perry and Mayer have a song on John’s latest album called “Who You Love” that signifies the bond between the two. Although we don’t think there is an official engagement yet we can predict one in the mere future! Good luck to the happy couple!

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