Jessa Duggar is Engaged at 21 Years Old!

Jessa Duggar is Engaged at 21 Years Old!

Jessa Duggar is Engaged! Jessa Duggar is Engaged!


It seems a little weird since we watched this girl grow up before our eyes, but if anyone knows how to have a happy family its the Duggars. Jessa’s parents, Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar currently have 19 children together and have a television show on TLC called 19 kids and counting. This season is jammed packed with great things like Jill Duggars wedding and hopefully Jessa plans on revealing her gorgeous sparkler on the season!

Jessa, 21 and her fiancé Ben Seewald, 19 announced to the world she was engaged on instagram. August 18th she posted a photo of the palm of her hand which exposed only the shank of the ring. Later on the 21st she revealed the ring and TLC released a short video of Jessa, Ben, Jim Bob and Michelle and what their thoughts on the engagement were.

“We are so excited for Jessa and Ben,” said Jim Bob duggar, Jessa’s father.

Ben said, “Ive been working on this, planning this day for several months, and just talking to people and getting ideas, and just thinking about…I tried to be creative. How can I make this a day to remember? You know? The whole day, you know?” 

Jessa added, “With every clue I was like — I was really excited — but I was also nervous the whole time. I didn’t know where he was. He could [have shown] up at any point. [I thought], ‘He’s probably behind me right now on his knee,’ so I was always looking around.”

We can’t believe how incredibly gorgeous these two look together! We can’t wait to see the wedding photos! Jim Bob assured us the engagement wouldn’t be too long and to tune in to TLC for exciting moments in the Duggar family this year. Do you think this means the couple will be engaged on an episode of 19 kids and counting? Let us know your thoughts.

One thing we do know for sure is this season will be a Duggar wedding for sure. Jill Duggar and her Fiancé Derek Dillard will be displaying their wedding for the whole world. Recently the pair both announced Jill is pregnant with her first child! Congrats guys! This family is having a very good year!

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