Jessica Biel’s Gorgeous Engagement Ring

Jessica Biel’s Gorgeous Engagement Ring

The handsome, witty and just down right adorable Justin Timberlake has once again won all of our hearts by, on his very own, picking out a stunning engagement ring for his bride-to-be Jessica Biel.

Jessica said that she had no say whatsoever in picking out her…

$130,000 engagement ring.

And can you believe… Justin did it by himself. The sparkler has a spectacularly large square-cut diamond in a vintage-inspired setting, a rock any girl would gladly show off to the world.  Impressive, don’t you think?

Jessica even went as far to say that she didn’t help him because the former N’Sync singer has way better taste than she does in jewelry. He even picks her clothes out for her in the morning from time to time. She shows him an outfit and if he shakes his head no, he will just go ahead and pick out what he thinks she should wear. How precious are they?

Timberlake proposed to his beau back in December when they went on vacation to Montana for the holidays. They are planning on having a huge wedding this summer and are inviting a ton of people – we will be waiting for our invite!

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