Jewelry Every Woman Should Own

Some of the most in fashion colors for spring is a dusky blue, vibrant reds, yellows, oranges, etc. Why not enhance your wardrobe with a few jewelry pieces! These styles are the hottest items on the market to own and can be found at almost any boutique, favorite clothing store or jewelry shop!

The Cuff Bracelet. This is a wide elongated bracelet meant to go on your wrist. It has a narrow opening so that it can easily slide on to your wrist. Cuff Bracelets vary in sizes, lengths and can literally be purchased anywhere!

John Hardy Cuff

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Another hot jewelry piece that every woman should own would have to be a pair of stud earrings. Stud’s are usually worn when you are just in a casual setting or have other pieces of jewelry that you don’t really want to interfere with. This is one of the most timeless items a person could own!

Raymond Lee Jewelers Studs

Via Raymond Lee Jewelers

The Boyfriend watch is a new sensation that has everyone talking about it! A boyfriend watch is a midsize or larger watch! These were back in the day men size watches, but they have become so popular for woman that many designers make watches with larger diameters for women!

Michael Kors Watch

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Cocktail rings are another timeless piece of jewelry. Cocktail rings come in a variation of sizes and styles, you can have gemstones, diamonds or any type of stone present that makes a statement. Now these rings don’t only have to be worn to cocktail and elite events, they can vamp up your style in even the most casual situation!

Onyx and Chrysophrase Ring

Via Raymond Lee Jewelers

Last item that every woman should own would have to be a statement necklace. A statement necklace is basically an over-the-top eccentric necklace that is the first thing that captures someones eye. Be careful with this piece of jewelry because it has to be worn to fit the style you are trying to pull off! These necklaces usually look amazing with button down shirts and a skirt, a cocktail dress and even a fancy tshirt and jeans! It really makes an outfit pop!

Statement Necklace

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