Julia Roberts Isn’t Too Thrilled About Emma Roberts Engagement

Julia Roberts Isn’t Too Thrilled About Emma Roberts Engagement Emma Roberts Aunt Julia Roberts Isn't too Thrilled about Engagement

American Horror Story star Emma Roberts is allegedly engaged to co-star Evan Peters. The couple have been officially dating for 6 months now and have had a whirlwind of stories published about them this year. 26- year old Evan Peters dropped charges against 22- year old Emma Roberts for domestic violence charges. Roberts supposedly broke Peters’s nose. Her father is Eric Roberts after all.

The two spent New Years in London where Peters proposed with a rose gold engagement ring. The ring was debuted on the Red Carpet of the Golden Globe Awards recently. It is a Halo set Cushion cut diamond set with diamonds throughout the shank. Stunning ring, but we do know Mrs. Julia Roberts, Aunt of Emma Roberts isn’t too thrilled of the couples decision to get married this young.

A source told the National Enquirer ”Emma’s only 22, and Julia thinks she’s making a big mistake by rushing into things with Evan. Julia is sure it will only lead to pain and heartbreak.” Julia is afraid that Emma is just too young to think of marriage.

Back in 1991 everyone remembers the scandal between Julia and Keifer Sutheland. Days before the wedding Julia called it off. ”Getting married at this time in my life would have been the biggest mistake ever, ” Julia said. Sources revealed that Emma feels her Aunt is getting involved too much with her relationship and thinks she is making the right decision with Peters.

Supposedly the couple kept the engagement so under wraps that Emma’s own family didn’t find out until days after! PerezHilton.Com shared details about the family’s unknowingness. Eliza Roberts, Emma’s step-mom said, “I think I know what he’s talking about. I don’t know if these guys know…Emma’s getting married. If she’s happy, we’re happy!” Rule one if you have to hide an engagement it probably isn’t a good idea.

Age isn’t the only name of the game, lets remember the two have only been dating for less than a year…Is that enough time to decide if you want to spend the rest of your life with someone? What do you think?

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