How To: Keeping Your Gemstones well Groomed

How To: Keeping Your Gemstones well Groomed

How to Groom Your Gemstone Jewelry

Gemstones are some of the most durable substances on the Earth, but don’t mistake durability with cleanliness. Caring for these precious and semi-precious gemstones takes simple rules that you must follow. Keeping your stones in great condition is a must, especially if one day you want to sell or pawn.

First Step: Make sure you always are maintaing cleanliness with your gemstone jewelry. If you are cleaning transparent crystalline gemstones, warm up some water and put a dime size amount of gentle soap  in the mixture. When you wear gemstone pieces, they are usually set with prongs so lotion, soap, or old skin (gross, we know) can get stuck in the mounting. If you are still finding it a bit hard to get the schmutz off your jewelry get a soft bristle tooth brush. That should do the trick!

Keep Away From Danger: All gemstones are different! They all have different hardnesses. If you want to make sure your gemstone is sturdy you can view the Mohs scale and this will tell you the overall quality of your gemstone. Do not wear your ring in strenuous environments like the gym, or if you work in a high endurance job. We recommend taking your ring, earrings, or necklace off when showering or bathing as well. This will reduce the amount of soap scum that will find its way into your jewelry pieces.

Some of the hardest gemstones are rubies, sapphires and of course diamonds. Diamonds actually can shatter, if the blow is hard enough there can be cracking or chipping. Diamonds are rated 10/10 on the Mohs scale. Rubies and sapphires are rated a 9/10 and can chip under the right circumstances too.

Ultrasonic Cleaners: What exactly is an ultrasonic cleaner? It is a device uses ultrasound to clean, usually from 20–400 kHz. A solvent, or tap water is used and this machine is used for a delicate cleaning. Diamonds are one of the only things that won’t get damaged by an ultrasonic cleaner. When in doubt, just don’t use one. You will get the same sparkle and shine if you use an ammonia solution.

Opaque gemstones:  Stones like lapis lazuli, turquoise, malachite, call for very special care. DO NOT use an ultrasonic cleaner and never use ammonia solution, or any solution for that matter. If you use a chemical it can be absorbed into the stone and cause discoloration! You will RUIN your gemstone if you clean it with chemicals! Just buy a lint-free wipe, dampen it with lukewarm water and this will give you an ultimate clean.

The reason why these materials need more care than transparent gemstones is that these materials are essentially rocks, not crystals of a single mineral. Think about it: when you put a rock in water, it absorbs the water and is moist all the way through. A single crystal gem like sapphire will not absorb water: all the molecules are lined up so tightly in the crystal that there is no room for water to enter. Opals are a special circumstances as well. Avoid using ultrasonic cleaner, no ammonia ever and absolutely no strong light or heat. This will dry out the opal!

Be careful with your gems! Organic pieces such as pearls can turn colors from harsh chemicals such as hairspray. If you have any questions feel free to send us a message on Facebook!

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