Kelly Clarkson Releases “Tie it Up” Music Video

Kelly Clarkson Releases “Tie it Up” Music Video

Kelly Clarkson Releases Tie it Up Music Video

What would you do if you’re a famous pop singer and are engaged? Obviously write a song and produce a music video about “tying it up”. Country/ Pop singer Kelly Clarkson just released her music video for new hit song “Tie it Up” which is purely about taking the final step, marriage. The video was released August 14th and already has close to 2 million views.

This video has been controversial before its release. During the photo-shoot for Tie it Up Kelly had misplaced her engagement ring. She announced to her audience that she couldn’t find the ring and was scared and nervous. Luckily she found it later that night!

Former “America Idol” winner is engaged to Reba McEntire’s step-son Brandon Blackstock. And for those who haven’t seen the engagement ring, its quite the gem. It is a massive radiant cut yellow diamond with white round brilliant accent stones.

Kelly Clarkson Releases Tie it Up Music VideoThe music video intercuts footage from actual wedding and reception events. There are pictures of straight and gay couples getting married. For some this is a risqué subject since marriage is not fully legal in the United States. We think it is great that she is subtly admiring and giving attention to the subject of gay marriage.

The singer is also wearing her engagement ring in most of the video. We could see through Clarkson’s video that she is obsessed with the thought of marriage and finding a soul-mate.We are so happy for her and Brandon! We can see from the engagement ring the wedding will be tastefully gorgeous! There is no set date that the public knows about!

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