Knightley’s Engagement Ring Reflects Personal Style

When English actress Keira Knightley announced her engagement to rocker James Righton this past May, it’s safe to say her male fans (cough—admirers…)  were probably a little disappointed that they’d missed their chance to snatch up the beauty. The captivating actress, known internationally for her casting in the Pirates of the Caribbean movies, has a romantic yet eclectic style. With this being said, Righton was put to the test in picking out an engagement ring.

Knightley’s fiancée succeeded in his task and decided to purchase a beautiful classic 2 carat diamond engagement ring with a platinum band. This simple yet classically stunning style truly envelops the romantic allure of Keira’s own personality.


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Platinum and Diamond 1.00ct Oval Cut Engagement Ring

With so many different types of rings to choose from, there’s one piece of advice many (window) shoppers seem to forget: The ring should reflect YOU, the bride! Who you are, what you like, and what you want your ring to show about yourself. Remembering personal style is extremely important when deciding what type of ring would be the best fit for a soon-to-be-bride.

Some women are exceptionally glamorous in their jewelry choices. Some enjoy the classic, simplistic beauty of the engagement ring, like Knightley. But neither type is more beautiful than the next; it’s really all about personal preference. After all, you’ll be the one wearing it anyway—it just wouldn’t make sense to imitate someone else’s idea of beauty.

 So, now what?

Give it thought. Relax. Look in your closet. Maybe do some soul-searching.  Figure out what your style is: Flashy, humble, colorful, classic, edgy, eco-friendly…. And let your beau know once you get an idea, because, let’s be honest—he probably wouldn’t turn down a little guidance.


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