How Do You Know He’s the One?

How Do You Know He’s the One?

Meant to be or Not

So we have all been in that relationship where we wonder, is this going to be the person I will marry? Is he just in the moment? Will someone better come along? Its normal, we all have these pressing questions when we are young. I am here to help you determine if this is something that will last, or if you need to kick him to the curb. Usually I don’t like to be so forward and directly call out all my ladies, but this is one of those times where we have to be honest and say it like it is. 

Men: Sometimes you don’t treat your girl right and it brings up the topic of “is he the right guy for me”. If you are just not the type of guy to show appreciation to your girlfriend, you better start before her girlfriends become bloodsucking piranhas and all they do is talk lot of crap about you.

So how do I know if he is the right man for me? There are 10 questions you need to ask yourself, and if you are on the fence of knowing if you want to spend the rest of your life with him just make a pros and cons list. It might not sound like the best idea, but I’ve done it in the past and so has almost every girl out there. If the list is more pros than cons you are on the right track to loving eternity.

The Questions: 

1. Does he want to be with you a lot? Is your man the type that likes to relax with his friends or get home from work and want to snuggle up on the couch with you? This really does tell you about a person. If he doesn’t want to spend most of his time with you he isn’t going to want to in the future either. Let this be an outright scream for help. Men aren’t that difficult to understand, it may seem like it sometimes, but if they are choosing other things over you its a warning sign.

2. Does he pay for things? Now listen we know these are trying times and the economy isn’t the nicest, but a man should still offer to pay for things. We aren’t saying $15,000 Birkin bags, but if you are getting pizza or a quick bite, ladies you should not be digging in to your wallets! A girl needs someone that is going to support her and if he can’t even do that financially, what makes you think he can do it emotionally. This may be coming across wrong, we aren’t saying guys with no money are useless, just that if he does have some spare bills he should be making sure he wine and dines you sometime!

3. Is he Thoughtful? Does he plan really nice dinners on your anniversaries? Does he try and make an anniversary or event in your relationship special? If so he’s a keeper. This doesn’t even involve money, but if he isn’t even saying “happy 1 year I love you” then he isn’t the right guy for you. Girls don’t request a lot! There are three main things we need, those things are being appreciated, chivalry, and loved emotionally and physically. We want to know you are thinking about us and want to make certain events special because you know it means a lot to us, and over all it means a lot to you too.

4. Is he Engaged? Does he listen to what you are saying? Even small things like a dentist appointment, does he remember to ask you “how was the dentist” or is he completely out of it when you tell him your plans for the day. Even though this is a small way of knowing if someone cares it is still something that matters to a lot of women. If he isn’t curious to what you’ve been doing all day, is he thinking about you? Hmmmm some things to really think about.

5. Does he call? Are you doing all the texting and calling? Make sure its a two sided street. A guy that isn’t calling is a guy that isn’t worth your time ladies!

6. Does he Talk About the Future with You? If he doesn’t and its been over 6 months in you gotta get out of there! Seriously, I really cannot stress enough this is a red flag. There is always an ending goal in a relationship, its either marriage or a breakup. Even Miranda from Sex and The City gets married and has a child. Doesn’t matter if you are independent or reclusive a woman needs a certain kind of commitment.

7. Will he pick something over you? For example do sports matter more than you? Are you getting in the way of his football obsession? If you have ever been told, “you can’t come over tonight football is on” you should probably find someone else…Your time is precious don’t waste it on some jerk that prefers men in tights over you.

8. Do you Feel the Love? This is an important question to ask yourself because I don’t know your boyfriend, at the end of the day you do. Do you feel that is he in it for real or does it feel like there is a void he isn’t filling. A relationship shouldn’t be a competition on who loves you more, it should be clean cut and easy to recognize. It is a partnership and a team, one person should help balance the other.

9. Is he Chivalrous? Okay ladies listen, chivalry is not dead. Is he holding the door open for you, or letting it hit you in the face? Don’t be that girl that has to open her own car door on a date night… its really not ok. Its just not.

10. Does he Make You Happy? So important to ask yourself this? Please find someone  that is going to make you happy everyday and grateful. There has to be happiness for a relationship to work. Don’t be sad :(

If most of the questions were answered correctly, congratulations you have found the right person.

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