How to Learn Your Diamond Shapes

How to Learn Your Diamond Shapes

Engagement ring shopping can become a tedious endeavor that most people find so complicated they refuse to become properly educated on the diamond phenomenon! We have compiled an easy list of diamond shapes for you so when choosing your perfect gem you will know all about it! 

Figure Out What Diamond Shape is for you!

  1. Round Diamond: This diamond shape is the most common among diamond cut. Approximately 80% of diamonds used in engagement rings are round. What makes these babies so common? The shape is very versatile and fits in practically any setting! Its circular shape makes it easy.
  2. Oval Cut Diamond: Oval cut is circular like the round diamond, but has more of an elongated height. This shape has become more prominent lately and looks stunning in a halo setting!
  3. Trillion Cut: Trillion cut diamonds can get confusing because the actual shape is triangular. The cut was first made by the Asscher Brothers of Amsterdaam a very famous diamond cuttery. The stone was later trademarked by Henry Meyer Diamond Company in 1962.
  4. Cushion Cut: This is one of our favorite shapes! Cushion cut diamonds are also known as “pillow cut” because of how similar they look to actual pillows! The stone has rounded corners and larger facets for an increase in brilliance. Depending on the length and width the diamond can appear much wider or longer.
  5. Heart Shaped: Exactly what this diamond cut sounds like it is. The heart shaped diamond is one of the most distinctive shapes in the market. You have to be careful with color and clarity because it can become obvious to the naked eye depending on how low of a grade you go. 
  6. Marquise Diamond: A marquise diamond sort of looks like a cats eye. It is a slender elongated diamond shape. The shape varies depending on the width. It can be a fatter shape or more thin depending on measurements. The elongated shape makes the stone appear larger carat weight wise. 
  7. Radiant: This diamond shape has a square body with trimmed corners. Unlike the Asshcher and Emerald cut diamond it has a lot of facets.  This is one of the more popular diamond shapes sported by celebrities such as Beyonce, Kim Kardashian and more!
  8. Princess Cut: Many people know this stone as the “square cut diamond” but the actual name for this gem is princess. The great thing about this stone is the high amount of facets make the stone appear cleaner clarity wise to the naked eye and through a loop! It is one of the most brilliant diamond cuts. 
  9. Emerald Cut: This sparkler gives a unique optical appearance because of its pavilion shaped facets. It has a step cut look which gives the diamond elegance and a very formal appearance. They are very rectangular stones as well. Our favorite look is three stone emerald cut engagement ring!
  10. Pear Shape: Another name for this diamond shape is tear drop shaped. It looks almost identical to a tear drop, so the name is well deserved. There is a rounded top with a sharp tip. Depending on the amount of facets the stone can appear very brilliant. This shape is worn by Avril Lavigne.
  11. Asscher Cut: This diamond shape is actually a trademarked cut. It is almost identical internally to an emerald cut, but has more of a square shape not an elongated rectangular shape. It is pavilion cut just like the emerald!
  12. Baguette Cut: Also like the emerald and Asscher cut shape the baguette is a pavilion cut shape. The baguette is very similar to emerald because of its rectangular shape. What separated the two is the slender width of a baguette. They make amazing side stones for a three stone Emerald cut engagement ring!
  13. Trillion Cut
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