Man Accidentally Donates Engagement Ring to Goodwill

Man Accidentally Donates Engagement Ring to Goodwill

This Man Literally Lost his Pants and it Ruined an Engagement

We’ve heard almost everything from dropping engagement rings down the drain to accidentally eating these sparklers, but this story is a complete jaw dropper. In Panama City, Florida Corey Todd was planning on popping the question to his girlfriend Jacelyn Penton. Todd hid the engagement ring in a pocket of an old pair of jeans thinking of course it would be the perfect hiding spot, wrong. What happens next is a real neck sweat, anxiety ridden situation for basically any man ever.

So Corey Todd goes to find the ring one day, but the jeans are gone. This is when the anxiety kicks in. He asks his girlfriend where is pants are and she tells him she donated them to Goodwill to declutter. First of all, why is she donating clothes that don’t belong to her without his permission, but that is besides the point just wanted to throw that out there. Anyways, she donates the pants and he has no other choice but to tell her that he was planning on proposing and the surprise is completely mute now. All excitement and engagement plans are thrown out the window.

This story started making headlines and was even featured on the Today show. The local Panama City jewelry store, Maharaja’s Fine Jewelry & Gift got wind of the straining situation and decided to do something most jewelers would never even think twice about doing.

“The sparkle was gone, and [Penton] didn’t get the surprise moment she should have gotten,” said Pamela Kidwell, the marketing director of Maharaja’s. “So we decided to try to put the magic back in the moment.”

Kidwell visited Todd at his place of work, Chili’s and had a talk about the losing pants situation. Kidwell says she had no definite plan when going in to Chili’s, just wanted to figure out the best thing she could do for the couple. After the chit chat she invited Todd and Penton into the store to look at engagement rings. Turns out the original ring that Todd wanted to get on one knee with was a ring his girlfriend didn’t even like.

Pause, so not only did Corey Todd pick out a ring that his girlfriend was going to dislike for the rest of her life, he left them in pants that were salvaged by Goodwill. This story keeps getting more intriguing.

So Todd and Penton went to the jewelry store and after the conversation Maharaja’s gave Todd a free engagement ring! It was free solitaire diamond ring, the one that Penton loved.

It was one of those things where you think, ‘Hmmm, this seems like an opportunity for a nice thing we could do.” Pamela Kidwell said. “We do community service events all the time, and this seemed like it was right up our alley. (Store owner) Manu Samtani is like a big teddy bear, and likes to help when we can. He’s gone through a robbery and knows the importance of giving back.”

Originally, Todd wanted to propose because his girlfriend was finishing up nursing school and it was the perfect time to take the next step. So now that Todd had a free and gorgeous engagement ring the moment was perfect. The jewelry store and Corey Todd planned to have the rehabilitation hospital Penton worked at make a commercial and star Penton in it. As she was on her way to the set she saw Todd on one knee with the ring she was looking at in Mahajara’s!

“We invited her parents, his parents, their friends and family, and we had a camera crew from a local television and cable station,” Kidwell mentions. “Few people at the hospital were told, so the secret was kept. We snuck everyone in and let it play out.”

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