Man Finds Engagement Ring in Bathroom at Barclays Center

Man Finds Engagement Ring in the Bathroom63 year-old Chef, Jorge Collazo was probably the luckiest person at the Marc Anthony conert at the Barclays Center in Brooklyn. Anthony performed on February 16th so an arena full of fans, one a man who was going to propose to his girlfriend. Unfortunately he left the ring with a romantic handwritten note in one of the bathroom stalls.

Jorge Collazo a New York Chef found the note and three stone diamond ring while using the bathroom. Instead of selling it to a local pawn shop, he did something you don’t see very often in our society. Collazo has been reaching out trying to raise awareness and find the man who lost this engagement ring. He said he waited in the bathroom for quite some time and no one ever came back to claim the piece. Was the ring left there on purpose? Did the engagement go terribly wrong?

The note said

“My dear Daniela d’ Andrea on this day Feb. 15 2014 I want to give you this ring as a simbol of my love for you and a promese of under any circutances I will dedicate myself to love you protect you and make you happy for as long as I live and more. You are the greatest love of my life…Daniela would you…” The note was then ripped apart, but we can predict it said will you marry me. The back said Te quiero mucho which translates to I love you a lot.

We don’t know if it was a rejection, but if it was why wouldn’t he just get his money back or pawn off the ring? This story has many gaps, but just like us Collazo plans on getting to the bottom of it!

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