Man Shells out 45k on Engagement Proposal

Man Shells out 45k on Engagement Proposal

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Would you spend $45,000 on proposing to your girlfriend? Would you plan a secret getaway and zip off in a vintage car, all just for a simple yes to the most quoted question “Will you Marry me?”

27 year old romantic, Josh Ogle shelled out over $45,000 on his proposal to his girlfriend Nataliya Lavryshyn. Ogle started off with a traditional date night with Lavryshyn. He surprised her when he got down on one kneww and popped the question. The ring was approximately $21,000, but the proposal didn’t stop there.

After Nataliya said yes, the couple went on a romantic ride in a vintage 1932 Hupmobile. He rented out this car just to take them to their next location, a sky box dinner at the luxurious restaurant Daniel. Not only did Ogle arrange this dinner he also had none other than owner and celebrity chef Daniel Boulud cater the dinner.

Once dinner was finished Nataliya and Josh jetted away to Europe for two weeks where they vacationed through France and Greece staying in only the best honey moon suites and villas.

Josh Ogle is one of the few that actually hired a proposal planner. Usually you hear of Wedding planners, party planners, etc. He paid his planner over $3,000 for the proposal planning! It doesn’t just stop there. 75% of women want their engagement recorded in some sort of way, Ogle was aware of this due to the fact he runs an ad agency. He made sure to hire a pulitzer-prize winning photographer, videographer and a professional story writer to publish the story of their proposal!

Needless to say, Josh Ogle went up and above for his engagement to his girlfriend. He is not the only one who is doing this, bigger proposals are becoming a trend in the wedding world. If you search anywhere for proposals you will find an assortment of flash mobs on tape, proposals that take over movie theater previews and even dramatic pranks that lead to a proposal!

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