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As your wedding day slowly begins to approach, and you are putting together all of the finishing touches together for your big day, its easy to forget one of the most important things; your marriage license! To some it may seem like a simple little piece of paper, but for those who have done it know that it is the single most important document, because it is that marks you as legally married. For those who are unsure about what the marriage license process entails, we gathered the top questions and answers that brides and grooms seem to ask before they go walking down the aisle.

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What is a Marriage License?

Introduced in the 14th Century in England, a Marriage License would grant couples to be wed sooner than the traditional three week grace period, in that time an announcement would be made at the couples church on each Sunday, of their impending marriage. This grants the right for any objection to be made prior to the vows. Today a marriage license is a document that considers you to be married in the eyes of the government even before the wedding. It is also used to show proof of where and when the official marriage took place.

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Why Do We Need One?

When a couple gets a Marriage license they are considered married even without the wedding. However if you have the wedding complete with vows and witnesses, but no marriage license, under the law you are not legally married. Besides the wanting to spend the rest of your life with this person, there are many benefits to being officially married. Couples who are legally wed, have the option to file their taxes together thus receiving tax breaks. Also they can share health care benefits, get benefits such as social security and sign up for life insurance. Sound like a good idea!

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How and When do We Sign up For a Marriage License?

When it comes to location of where to get your Marriage license, the couple will typically get it at the county clerks office in the county they plan to be married in. Both parties getting married will need to apply in person, as well as present their social security cards and drivers license for proof of identity. They county will provide forms to fill out as well as a fee ranging from $5 to $95 depending on the county and if you are residential. Typically the license can be issued that day, but in some cases can take a few days to be issued. Be sure to look into your county’s waiting period and when your marriage license will expire. Most give a 30 day grace period, some last for a year. Just consider the expiration date so you don’t get married after the license has expired. If you are planning on eloping or tying the knot in another country, just know you will have to have a marriage license issued in the county that you are getting married in. It will have to authenticated or translated by the U.S. government if the license is not in English.

Congratulations on the engagement, we wish you good luck on planning the wedding just don’t forget about the marriage license!

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