Searching for a Matching Wedding Band

Searching for a Matching Wedding Band can be a grueling task, when you find the perfect ring you also have to think about that perfect compliment, the wedding band. Although we look at these amazing engagement rings and then just assume any wedding band will work, that’s not quite right. Picking the perfect wedding band to match your engagement ring is a strategic process, but have no fear engagementgurus is here.


The first type of wedding band that looks almost perfect with a solitaire engagement ring is the three prong wedding band.This band is basically made to custom fit your engagement ring. It has a slight wave to make the diamond on your engagement ring look stunning. It allows the ring to breathe, but still show off that amazing wedding band as well.

Another type of wedding band is the channel set band. This is usually either an all diamond band or half a diamond band. This ring is so stunning and the diamonds are set to look like they are almost floating in space. This ring usually looks good with any type of engagement ring that also has a channel setting. In other words, if the engagement ring is channel set, so should the wedding band.

diamond eternity ringAn eternity band is one of the most fascinating of all the wedding bands because of the fact it is full of diamonds around the whole thing. They are usually giant round brilliant diamonds that just show pure luxury. Since this ring is so brilliant on its own it is safe to pick a very traditional and simple engagement ring to compliment it. Usually a solitaire stone ring works fine.

edf0c945dc820037d1f585a65c5bbc00_mThe last type of wedding band that would perfectly compliment your stunning engagement ring is the smooth lined band. This is a very simple and usually the most used wedding band. It is one of the most versatile rings because of the fact any shape diamond and any type of setting just looks fantastic with this band style. It is also one of the most timeless styles and can be passed down generations.

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