Matt Grevers Proposes; Brings Home the Gold

Matt Grevers Proposes

Leave it to a Gold Medalist to raise the bar for everyone else! And Matt Grevers did it with style ~

If you’ve been trying to catch your fair share of the Summer Olympic Games streaming all the way from London this year, you might’ve heard of U.S. Olympic swimmer, Matt Grevers. He set a record in this year’s Olympic 100-meter backstroke, and has had a good amount of buzz following him ever since he proposed to fellow swimmer, Annie Chandler, this past February at the Missouri Grand Prix.

Just days before Valentine’s Day this past year, Grevers, after having won the 100-meter backstroke, stood atop the podium awaiting his medal. His girlfriend at the time, Annie Chandler, can be seen in videos from the ceremony simply in the background as Grevers receives his medal. To any naked eye, Grevers looks cool, modest, and like a true champion. Little did the audience (and Annie) know, the gold medal wasn’t the only hunk of metal he was thinking about. Grevers’ little brother slips him the diamond engagement ring, and the medalist calls his girlfriend to the podium.

He kneels on one knee and proves that love means more than anything; Grevers proposes to Annie from his first place position on the podium. Annie ends up kneeling with disbelief mixed with happiness right next to her macho husband-to-be.

Such a sweet proposal has given Grevers more attention than his gold medal winnings in the 2008 Olympics. It just goes to show that these types of gestures really do go a long way; Annie’s probably gained a few followers as well! There is no better way to show your love than with a truly thoughtful proposal, one that’ll have your significant other crying (with happiness, of course!).

Currently, Grevers can be found swimming at the 2012 Olympics and you can probably spot Annie cheering him on—with a beautiful diamond ring on her finger.


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