Nail Designs that Complement Your Engagement Ring

It’s getting closer to the big day – the day you and the love of your life come together in holy matrimony and make your love and commitment to each other official. As you prepare, you begin checking things off of your Wedding Day Checklist. Veil, check. Shoes, check. Husband, check. But when it comes to getting a manicure, are you sure the look you’ve chosen will complement your engagement ring? The right nail design can make the difference when it comes to making your ring look stunning. Read on to learn about:

Nail Designs that Complement Your Engagement Ring

If your ring is a sophisticated cushion cut style, a simple French manicure is the perfect nail design to complement your engagement ring.

For a gorgeous antique style engagement ring, a solid color would be the best way to make the elaborate design of your ring to stand out. If you’re planning a fall or winter wedding, dark red is a beautiful color to paint your nails.


A modern diamond engagement ring deserves to be paired with an equally unique nail design. Perhaps you should try a manicure that has an accent nail. In this case, you choose one color for your nails but make the polish on your ring finger a different color.



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