Name Brand Vs. Non-Name brand Engagement Rings

Name Brand Vs. Non-Name brand Engagement Rings

Although buying a designer ring may be the stylish thing to do, we want to show you how you can get the same style ring for a bargain price. We have compiled some of our favorite Tiffany & Co. engagement rings and compared them to non-name brand rings to see how much money you are actually saving!

Diamond Engagement Rings for a Bargain

In this photograph it may seem like the two rings are very similar in price, they are, but the non-name brand ring is actually 3 carats LARGER than the Tiffany’s ring. The one consistent thing about designer brand jewelry is that their diamonds are usually great color and clarity. You have to be careful because depending on the color and clarity the price will either be higher or lower. The non-name brand ring has a great color and clarity which is H/I in color and SI in clarity. SI stands for slightly included, so inclusions can’t be seen with the naked eye. H/I is virtually colorless. The scale starts at D, so that makes it 4 steps below a D. If you were to get a 5 carat round brilliant center stone from Tiffany & Co. the price will probably be over $100,000! Did we mention the ring on the bottom is set in platinum so it not only has triple the carat weight, but is set in a stronger more sustainable metal. If this isn’t a great deal we don’t know what is! 

How Much are You Saving? Approximately $50,000

Sometimes buying estate designer pieces is actually the best decision. The next couple of rings Tiffanyon the list is also Tiffany & Co. They are both authentic Tiffany’s, but one is pre owned. The misconception with pre-owned is that it is dirty and really used, but in reality it could of never even of been worn! Just bought from a retailer and then resold! These rings to the side are identical. The price dramatically dropped once it was considered “used”. Another great thing about buying estate pieces is some jewelers will allow you to bring your engagement ring in at any time to have it re-cleaned for free! They will also size the ring for you and make it absolutely stunning. On occasions the jewelry does come with its original box!

How Much are You Saving? $12,405

Ribbon-RingThe last two rings are very similar besides one minor detail. There are more pave diamond accents on the Tiffany & Co. ring. Fortunately you are still saving a bunch on the non-namebrand ring! The Round Ribbon Diamond ring listed on Tiffany & Co’s website is $13,400 for a 1 carat diamond. Our non-name brand ring is only $4, 195! The differences are that the Tiffany ring has .03 more of a carat weight, which really doesn’t make a difference. The non-name brand also comes with a GIA Certificate. GIA is the top diamond laboratory in the world because the make the most precise grading reports.

How Much are You Saving? $9,205

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