Neat Goodie Bags to Give to Your Guests

Neat Goodie Bags to Give to Your Guests

Neat Goodie Bags to Give to Your Guests

Showing gratitude for having your friends and family attend your wedding is one of the most gracious things a host can do. The biggest dilemma is people don’t usually know what to fill the goodie bags with or make them look presentable! A goodie bag is no longer just one of those miniscule ending treats you collect at the end of a party, they have become a part of the decoration process.

Many weddings incorporate the goodie bags by placing them on a buffet style table by the exit. Others will put the bag as a placeholder card at the dinner table. Thinking of what to get your guests to show your gratitude luckily, can be a plethora of things.

The first thing you should know is the appearance of the goodie bag is one of the main things. Some inexpensive ways to make your bag look nice is buying brown paper bags and stylizing them with a cute printed sheet of paper with a design on it. Once you have your design and bags all picked out it is time to think about what the overall theme for the goodie bags should be. Usually it should be tied into your wedding somehow. For example, if you are having a beach themed wedding make your goodie bags nautical themed!

Here is a list of some items that guests want to see in their goodie bags. A candle, people love candles! We cannot stress how inexpensive and thoughtful a candle is for a gift. It is simple and elegant and adds a flavor to the bag.

Second would be some form of candy or chocolate. Make them presentable, don’t just throw five M & M’s in a bag and call it a day. Put them in a nice clear wrapping or a little box.

We like the idea of a plastic ring also! We think that for a wedding occasion your friends and family will think it is so thoughtful and cute if you added an engagement ring for your friends to wear! Fort this you would have to make a boy version goodie bag so he could have a wedding band.

If you are a wild bride and groom incorporate an alcoholic beverage in your goodie bag. It is approximately $1 for a mini bottle, some companies even give them out for free! There isn’t one person that would refuse a free drink!

Hopefully these suggestions can help make your wedding the best it can be! If you have any questions or comments make sure to send us an email at Rlj455@Gmail.Com! We love to hear feedback and are completely open to suggestions!

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