New Years Snow in Chicago Costs Jeweler $151,000

New Years Snow in Chicago Costs Jeweler $151,000

P.K. Bennett Jewelers Gives Away $151,000 worth of Jewelry

Ever taken a gamble you were 99.9% sure you would win? Rich and Peggy Bennett, owners of P.K. Bennett in Chigago made a promise to customers if it snowed 3.5 inches by noon on New Years all holiday jewelry would be free. According to the National Weather Service it snowed 3.7 inches which lost Bennett’s company $151,000!

Bennett says he is happy to lose the gamble, it helps his business out tremendously. He is even set to have a champagne party for his customers. Prior to New Years Bennett launched a promotion, “if it snows its free.”

224 people participated in the promotion. Many customers bought gift cards to double their money to get an even nicer piece of jewelry. Even though P.K. Bennett is out $151,000 the business has still had a great year. “This year was the best year ever and we just had the best Christmas season ever,” Rich Bennett told ABC News.

In October P.K. Bennett moved two doors down to an even larger space. The company needed room for expansion because business was booming. Many said that Bennett was going to go broke from this promotion, but he says he loves that he is giving back and his store has nothing to worry about.


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