Next Time You’ll Know How to Spot a Tiffany Fake

spot a tiffany fakeHave you thought about buying a piece of pre-owned Tiffany & Co. jewelry?  Going the estate boutique route when it comes to buying designer jewelry is more common than you’d probably imagine.  More times than not, it’s the most cost effective alternative and you can usually find Tiffany & Co. jewelry that is basically new.  Cheaper, like new?  I’ll take it.  So if you are purchasing some Tiffany & Co. pre-owned jewelry. you’ll definitely want to be in “the know” when it comes to spotting a Tiffany fake.

Tiffany & Co Blue Box

Let’s start with the iconic Tiffany & Co blue box.  One of the first things to examine that will catch your eye will be that popular Tiffany packaging.  The Tiffany blue includes hints of green to create a seafoam hue and coloration.  If you encounter a Tiffany fake, the packaging will look more like a teal/blue color.

spot a tiffany fake

If you have decided to buy a piece of Tiffany jewelry from a pre-owned jewelry store and estate boutique make sure to check if it comes with the original box and paperwork.  This is not always a determining factor, but it definitely helps to confirm the authenticity of the Tiffany & Co. jewelry.

spot a tiffany fake

The Tiffany & Co Font

Tiffany & Co. usually stamps all their pieces with “TIFFANY & Co.”.  As you can see, all of the characters in their stamp is uppercase besides the “o”.  Next time you’re examining a Tiffany & Co. ring or necklace make sure that all the jewelry is stamped uppercase, no matter what.  The calligraphy is normally going to be a smaller font.  So if you’re looking at a Tiffany & Co. ring and the height of the logo looks a bit elongated or skewed, you’re probably looking at a Tiffany fake.

spot a tiffany fake

High Quality Materials

Like most top luxury brands and designers like Tiffany & Co., they use top quality materials when it comes to manufacturing their products.  If you’re buying gold Tiffany jewelry, know that most of their gold is 18k yellow and will be stamped with the 18k mark. On the other hand, Tiffany produces a lot of sterling silver jewelry and they use only the best.  All of Tiffany & Co silver jewelry is stamped with the 925 mark.  When jewelry is made with all silver, it weighs more than average silver jewelry, so you’re Tiffany necklace feels a bit too light you might want to take a closer look.  925 Silver also means it should have bright sparkle to it.  Even if you’re buying pre-owned, a good polish should have it sparkling like new.

spot a tiffany fake

The Perfect Tiffany Link

Tiffany & Co. was founded over a century ago in 1837.  With over a hundred years under its belt, Tiffany has taken it’s time to refine and produce impeccable jewelry.  In comes the iconic Tiffany & Co charm bracelet to give you an idea of what I’m talking about.  The links featured on the charm bracelet should always be completely circular.  If you’re checking out a Tiffany link necklace and it looks uneven or poorly soldered – watch out.

spot a tiffany fake

In Conclusion

Well now you’re pretty much hip when it comes to spotting a Tiffany fake.  Just remember the few factors to keep in mind: check the coloring of the Tiffany & Co blue box, ask if the Tiffany item comes with original box and paperwork, check for the Tiffany & Co font and stamp, make sure the material used to make the piece is stamped with 18k or 925 respectively, also don’t forget that 925 silver weighs more, lastly make sure the links in a Tiffany charm bracelet or necklace is symmetrical.

Have fun in the hunt for your next Tiffany piece. :) If you have any pointers you’ve found helpful please share them below!


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