Nordstrom Launches First Instagram Shopping Center

Nordstrom Launches First Instagram Shopping Center

Nordstrom Like2Buy

Are you a shopper who is looking for a more seamless shopping experience. What if we told you all you had to do was like a photo on instagram and checkout immediately. Just like that. Well now thanks to Nordstrom you can do this. The company has grown exponentially in the past few years, and this is something that will just send them on a rocket ship to the moon. 

The newest social media platform which is powered by Philadelphia based curate. This is an all-in-one shopping experience for Pinterest, Tumblr, Facebook, and Instagram. The new up and coming internet platform was e-commerce, but you can now throw that in your back pocket and save it for never. The E-commerce program was an internet shopping sensation and it has made online shopping seamless. This was a virtual store for people who didn’t want to the trouble of in-store shopping, but there was an issue. Cart abandonment is an issue when a potential customer has too much time to look around and buy elsewhere. There was also too many other options which caused unsure purchases.

The system acts as a hybrid social media and e-commerce outlet. How it works is if there is a photo you like on instagram all you have to do is like it on platform and it takes you right to check out. Nordstrom is the first to be a part of this, but we can see this becoming the new sensation for online marketing and sales.

“cURALATE CEO and co-founder Apu Gupta said, “Instagram’s high engagement rate makes it a powerful platform for branding and commerce,” he added, “with Like2Buy, Curalate is making it easy for Nordstrom to leverage Instagram in a way that provides Nordstrom’s customers even easier access to the products they want.”

Bryan Galipeau, the social media director for Nordstrom is excited at how easy and user friendly this shopping process is.

Curalate is on to big things, and we are excited to one day launch our engagement ring selection on the world wide web!


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