Olympian Michelle Kwan is Getting Married!

Not only is Michelle Kwan decked out in Olympic medals for figure skating, but, as of September 3rd, she has even more bling to show off – a diamond ring! 32 year old Kwan is going to be walking down the aisle with her beau of just under two years, Clay Pell, 30. His job? He’s the director for strategic planning on the National Security staff at the White House. No big deal.

Olympian Michelle Kwan is Getting Married!

Kwan knew that the decision to get married was right because they work together as a team, so it just made sense. They have the same way of thinking, values and priorities – they just understand each other.

The proposal took place on Block Island, just off the coast of Rhode Island. Pell explained that he wasn’t at all nervous about what her answer would be, he was just worried about making sure he did it right.  But he couldn’t go wrong with that custom-made platinum oval diamond engagement ring with the initials M & C engraved on it!

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