Oops!! What to do if You Discover Your Engagement Ring Before He Proposes

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Its your day off and you decide to clean up your apartment. You have done the dishes, started the laundry and paid the bills. All that is left is to do is to fold and put away your clothes as well as your boyfriends. As you begin to stuff his underwear in his drawer, you come across a little red box. A million things are probably running through your mind right now as to what it is, so of coarse you go ahead and sneak a peak. Unless its his secret stash of condoms, I’m gonna go ahead and guess its a diamond ring. First take a deep breath, and remember to keep cool.  Soon after you are finished freaking out over excitement, and of coarse parading around with it on your finger, what are you to do next after finding your engagement ring?

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Its not like you were snooping, unless you really were, but how would you keep the big secret? Many couples including myself and my man have a “no lying” policy. We are always open and honest with each other about everything we do. So keeping something this big from him would be an absolute nightmare. However I would never want to ruin the surprise or have him think I was snooping through his things. So our best advice is to try and erase the last 10 minutes from your memory! Go for a run, go shopping, go do something to get yourself out of the house and forget about that big rock!

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Of coarse your first instinct will be to pick up the phone and call your sister, mother, and your best friend, but DON’T! You must do anything and everything to refrain from spilling the beans about your big discovery. Even if that means waiting days, weeks, months, or even years! My mother happen to go through this exact situation and had to wait over a year until her husband proposed. When he finally did she screamed “YES What took you so long!!!!” Turns out he had been carrying the ring around in his pocket for over two years. He claimed he was waiting for the perfect moment. She never let him live it down. To this very day it is brought up every once in a while as to the torture it put my mom through waiting for her prince charming. But it was well worth the wait!

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Whether you love the ring or not (hopefully you do) keep in mind its not yours until he proposes it to you. Keep your composure and your cool. He probably has major plans in store for the big revel. Also this isn’t only special for you, its special for him too, he may be really excited to surprise you down on one knee. So when it comes to stumbling across your engagement ring remember to keep your poker face on and be patient.

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