Over the Top Proposals

Over the Top Proposals

Proposals used to be an intimate moment between a couple where a man gets down on his knee and asks the million dollar question…”will you marry me?” The new trend is to plan an intricate performance that involves dancing, large groups of people, movie previews, etc. Men have gone as far as hiring proposal planners! People spend a fortune on their proposals, to not only ensure the answer to their question is a yes, but to make it something your significant other will never forget.

Matt and Ginny Proposal

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One story between a couple Matt and Ginny was one of the greatest proposals we have ever seen. It starts out with Ginny going to the movies with her brother, the previews start. She finds it peculiar that there are no head shots in this preview; it also looks like a “home video”. She starts to recognize the voices and breaks down in tears immediately. In the video Matt is talking to Ginny’s father asking for her hand in marriage. Then after, her father says it would be a fantastic idea; the camera pans to him running to get to Ginny to propose.  Matt is running down streets, neighborhoods, and all these locations to get to Ginny! Eventually he makes it to the movie theater (this is still the movie preview remember). He is running in the theater; the screen shuts off, and Matt is standing in front of Ginny. He asks for her hand in marriage, and it was one of the most romantic, thoughtful and unique performances for a proposal!

Mobbed Proposal

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The trend of over the top engagements has even made it to national televisions shows such as Mobbed. This is a FOX network T.V. show with Host Howie Mandel. The premise of the episode seen by millions was an eccentric proposal between Justin and Nikki. The plot starts out in a restaurant located in Orlando Florida. A woman approaches the table where Nikki and Justin are eating dinner. She throws a drink in his face and concludes that she is “the other woman.” Naturally, Nikki starts to cry and is extremely  upset. Justin momentarily steps out of the room. Security (who are actually actors) step in and try and ask her what has happened, she talks about how long Justin and her have been together, then, bizarre dancing starts to break out. Music starts playing and everyone in the restaurant slowly starts to dance. The dancing then turns into a flash mob which guides her down a pathway in Universal Studios! It takes her all the way to Justin who then gets down on his knee and pops the question.

Josh and Natalya

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Another form of proposals is spending an infinite amount of money. Josh Ogle proposed to his girlfriend Natalya by not only hiring a proposal planner, but he also spent over 45k on the proposal! He wanted it to be the most memorable moment in Natalya’s life. He took her out to dinner where they then went on a vintage car ride to a celebrity chef restaurant, Daniel. They were then served by Daniel himself. After this they took a plane ride to Europe where they stayed for over two weeks traveling abroad and staying in the most luxurious suites.

Becoming engaged doesn’t always have to be as crazy as people make it. The main thing to remember is that you have to make it personal and romantic. Find the fine line between showing off and doing something ridiculous out of pure love and fascination for your partner.


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