Picking out a Metal for Your Engagement Ring

It’s time to pick out an engagement ring, but which metal should you choose? Here’s a little information about each metal to help you make your decision.

Platinum: This natural white metal is known for how strong and pure it is. It’s durable, so it’s sure to keep your diamond or gemstone nice and safe and is hypoallergenic so it won’t irritate sensitive skin.

Yellow Gold/White Gold: This naturally yellow metal is 70 to 75 percent pure and is turned into white gold when the surface is plated with rhodium. This means, though, that eventually the coating can wear off and go back to its original color. However, this metal is less expensive than other options and the added alloys mean you can personalize your hue.

Rose Gold: This gold has a pink tint to it because it has an added copper alloy. This metal is very durable and actually represents love, unlike white gold, which represents friendship and yellow gold, which represents loyalty. To top it all off, rose gold looks great on any skin color.

Titanium: This metal is incredibly sturdy that can either have a gray finish or be a polished black. It’s also hypoallergenic and as strong as steel while still being very light.

Recycled Metals: Recycled metal can come from a bunch of different sources, like platinum or gold. It’s the perfect metal if you’re keeping the environment in mind because it’s eco-friendly. Combine the recycled metal band with a diamond or gem and you’ve got your something old and something new in one beautiful piece of jewelry.

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