Plan B: What to do if Rain Crashes your Wedding Day

Rain on your wedding day <3

You are just days away before your big wedding and a cloud icon with slanted water drops is haunting you from your weather app on your iPhone. It’s the absolute worst kind of wedding crasher, but one you must be ready for, when rain crashes your wedding day. While crying over the weather radar may not make it any better, having a backup plan in mind will help you to stay sane. Keep in mind, weather preparation starts way before the big day, so be ready for plan B! So if it’s going to rain just get over it and get ready! Nothing is more romantic than a bride and groom holding matching umbrellas.

If you are like the many brides who chose to have their wedding outdoors, and the weather man is calling for showers on that day – don’t panic. You can come up with plan B by incorporating a backup venue for your big day, or you can simply say screw it and enjoy your big day rain or shine!

Rainy Day Weddings

If you are planning are taking photos outside, pick out your locations out before hand, and perhaps some inside as well, that way if the weather does decide to make an appearance you can have a back up plan. Inside settings are perfect for the formal pictures as well as family portraits. If you have already chosen your location for your photos, have your photographer scout some additional locations inside and out, while you are in hair and make up. That way you get to incorporate his professional eye into your photos, photographers are trained in the art of lighting and location. Trust your photographer. They even may throw some ideas out that you hate the thought of, but turn out to be a masterpiece. Using the rain as a background can make for some amazing and unique wedding photos!

Rain Rain Rain

If you are like me then you wouldn’t question the rain, rather then sitting inside mopping about it, id go out and dance in it! This is the perfect opportunity to get some great shots of you and your soon to be hubby dancing in the rain. Before you go running outside in the muck, be prepared. Grab your bridesmaids, an umbrella, some rain-boots and maybe a towel to wipe off any unwanted raindrops. Keep in mind that you may want to touch-up your makeup and hair after being outside in the rain. So leave yourself plenty of time. If you have hair that frizzes easily, you may want to consider switching your long waves for a gorgeous up do instead.

Floral Umbrella

Remember if you can’t beat ’em, join ’em. After the ceremony or later on in the night the champagne will be flowing and may dare to get a little wet, some group photos in the rain could be just the thing to get the party started.  At the end of the day, you’ll be a Mrs. rain or shine, so remember to enjoy it. Plus it will be an event that no one will ever forget and they say rain on your wedding day is good luck!

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