Platinum vs. White Gold: Which is Better?

Platinum vs. White Gold

When buying a piece of jewelry, or shopping for an engagement ring, the one question constantly asked is ‘what is better? Platinum or Gold?’ Some jewelers may tell you platinum, but not back it up with any actual knowledge. Platinum is a very expensive precious metal, in 2012 it was a whopping $1,407 per oz! But why is this such a hot commodity in the jewelry market?

Platinum vs White Gold

Believe it or not, but platinum is a natural occurring metal, while white gold on the other hand is a man mad product consisting of various materials. White is made by taking the natural occurring yellow gold and alloying it with other various metals including nickel, copper, silver, zinc and more! Sometimes a thin layer of rhodium has to be applied on the exterior of the metal to give it a complete white finish. The bad thing about rhodium is you will have to re-rhodium your jewelry once every few years. Sometimes every few months depending on how much you wear your jewelry!


What is better platinum or white gold

Now besides the chemical makeup, there are some things that both metals characterize. For example allergies. This is something people know all too well. One of the great thingsabout gold is that allergies are hardly predominant, on the other hand with platinum it is very much possible! If you are buying earrings or an engagement ring and have allergies you may want to take your platinum piece on a test ride before the purchase.

When shopping for a white metaled jewelry sometimes people get turned off by platinum, it can get very confusing because the natural tint is a grayish white, the white gold (because it is artificial) is a stunningly bright white color. Ascetically the white gold will draw you in, but think of other characteristics. White gold is not as hard as platinum. If you are a gym enthusiast or are constantly working with your hands, do not go with white gold.

Now there is one plus side to gold jewelry, there are different notches of hardness, for example the metals will be marked with 10K, 14K, 18K, etc. The lower in number you go the harder the metal, the only downsize this also means the less amount of gold that is mixed into the precious metal. Gold is like a club drug, you don’t know the full materials used to make it.

Now lets talk about scratches, all metals scratch, but when platinum scratches it has a positive effect. A scratch on platinum is merely a displacement of metal and no volume is lost. White gold when chipped eats away at the composition.

I think it is clear which metal is the most precious, our champion in this battle round is platinum. Platinum is all natural substance while white gold is man made, the downside to platinum is the allergies it may cause and last platinum is a very hard substance while white gold is softer. Think of these things when deciding on your purchase.

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