Q & A – Platinum vs White Gold

Q & A  – Platinum vs White Gold

So… Gold and platinum, eh?  Both metals are used in engagement rings, both are durable & can withstand years of wear. Here’s some common questions with helpful answers… I lean towards white gold engagement rings myself, what about you?


What’s the difference?? Is platinum more valuable? If I go with white gold, what do I buy? 14k or 18k?


For all intense purposes of aesthetics and wear… white gold and platinum are very similar. Platinum’s heavier. It’s also more durable.

Platinum is easier to engrave by hand, but that really isn’t an issue anymore.

White gold is a bit yellowish when not  rhodium plated. Platinum tends to be a more grayish hue.

Rhodium is just for “looks” anyway and is a short term plating.

People will almost always recommend platinum, because it’s more expensive and stores make more money when they sell it. It is, however, slightly better. I wear a 14kt white gold ring every day. It looks great and I’ve got no complaints.


My girlfriend likes  antique engagment rings but also has an eye for rhodium plating. She says it has the better look for her, so I’m considering getting platinum.  Is it worth it to do this? Just how long soes a rhodium plating last anyway? I heard it’s a lot of maintenance.

The price difference between white gold and platinum is $1,000 on the ring I am looking at and I don’t know if it’s worth it.


…white gold fades to yellowish color rather quickly in terms of metals… particularly when it’s worn a lot and gets beat up, like a ring does.

I’ve seen it fade in a year.

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