Pre-Loved Engagement Rings: Taboo or Genius

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Hey fellas, when it comes to buying an engagement ring, whats the best way to go about it? Many women assume that when men are buying the engagement ring, they are purchased brand new. However that is not always the case. Sometimes when buying an engagement ring, it can be best for your budget and your women when it has been what we like to call in the industry “pre-loved”.  Finding the perfect engagement ring can take weeks or even months to find, to speed up the process be sure to do your research so when the time comes to buy the ring, you don’t make the mistake of ruling out pre owned diamond rings!

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The sad truth is that many engagements don’t always make it down the isle, in many cases the guy is left with an engagement ring rather than the girl. A lot of guys end up selling the unused engagement ring to get back the fortune that they first spent on it. Although this is very unfortunate, it is a common occurrence in today’s generation. This is the best time to take advantage of a horrible situation. Be a pal and take that unwanted ring off his hands, why would you ever want something so beautiful such as a diamond ring to go unloved? The best part about it is it will save you money in the process. In some cases, you are able to buy the diamond ring for half the price off the original retail tag, who wouldn’t want this deal?!

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Some would say that buying an estate engagement ring can bring about bad luck or superstition. I would have to personally disagree with this statement, I feel that once you are given a piece of jewelery it is yours until its not anymore. There are cases in which diamond rings are passed down from generation to generation, and used as engagement rings. I find this to be a timeless gesture of romance that has been cherished for years, and years to come. However if she finds her own engagement ring setting, the diamond from your grandmothers engagement ring can be reset into the new mounting, creating a new combination of a generational ring!

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As sad as it is to break off an engagement, it is more common then you would think. There are now websites and stores dedicated just for estate engagement rings. Don’t worry about breaking your wallet just to get your women to feel like a princess. When shopping for her diamond ring be sure not to rule out pre loved engagement rings! Your wallet and your woman will be happy!

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