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If you have ever played a game and lost? Well we all know that you can hit the reset button and always redo the game. But not so much in real life, especially when it comes to proposing to the love of your life. Once its done it cant be undone, no re dues, no take backs. So in reality the stakes are set pretty high. Assuming that she says yes, the moment she gets the ring on her finger the news will most likely go viral. From the moment you set foot in the door, to the moment your knee hits the floor, she will be telling this story all her life long, and all over social media. You may think that the wedding is the biggest thing to worry about, but you have to propose first, which can create some pressure. Before you start to stress out about popping the big question, we have put together some things to remember when it comes to proposing for all those clueless guys out there.


Unless your a gambler in life, and like to live life on the edge, don’t go asking the question unless you know the answer. If you are unsure of the answer then give it some more time. Its always better to wait and be sure, rather then to take a risk and loose it all. Keep in mind that you shouldn’t be surprised and she should! This also includes keeping your mouth shut. Don’t tell too many of your friends, this can be a quick way of letting the cat outta the bag. And no one likes it when the surprise is ruined.

Will you?!?

Another thing about being sure of your answer is being sure of your location. If you are not 100% sure she will accept, then consider proposing in a secluded location. This will make it more romantic as well as intimate. This will also ensure minimum humiliation if she declines. Nothing is worse then proposing in front of thousands of people and getting rejected. That is just something no one should have to go through. Also keep it personal, make it meaningful. Take her someplace that is sentimental as well as thought out. You can thank us later!

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This may sound corny but practice! You may never get stage fright, but when it comes to asking the love of your life to become your wife, its common for nerves to surface. If you rehearse your speech in advance, you will come to find that it will go much smoother. Practice in the mirror. Propose to your dog, to your mom, to your friends. Say it over and over in the shower. It may seem embarrassing and you will definitely feel like a moron, but it’ll give you more confidence in the big moment and ensure your women that you took time to plan it out.


Last thing to remember is to relax, as long as you have planned it out, practiced, and love your girl it will work out. Don’t worry about stumbling over your words, or sweating due to nerves, she loves you enough to stay with you this long so hopefully will soon be forever.

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