Rare Pink Diamond Theft Comes to a Head

Rare Pink Diamond Theft Comes to a Head

Pink Diamond Stolen from Aussie Jewelry Store

After a few days of speculation, Queensland police in the UK believe they have targeted the rare pink diamond theft. Matthew Osborne, 29 was visiting Australia and made a dramatic decision to steal a pink diamond from a local jewelry store in Cairns. Witnesses say Osborne escaped on a bicycle.

The pink gem retailed for 135,000 pounds (approx. $225,000 dollars). Although high in price the diamond was a mere 0.31 carats and 4.3 millimeters in diameter. The vibrant pink color is what brought the diamond up in value. It was one of the rarest colored stones because of its intensity. Many customers were very upset at the disappearance of the diamond, it had been in the Cairns jewelry store for nine years! Supposedly the stone was finally in the works of being sold, but obviously the sale fell through due to theft.

Main Suspect, Matthew Osborne had allegedly swallowed the pink diamond, but after doing an X-ray exam on Osborne the results were inconclusive. The spokesperson for the trial said, “He is expected to appear in the cairns magistrates’ court tomorrow [February 24th] charged with entering premises and stealing property of a value greater than AU$5,000 [£2,700].”

Osborne’s mission was to transport the diamond through a Melbourne airport where he was planning on taking a flight to New Zealand. Cairns diamond gallery owner found this a bit peculiar stating, “If he thought he’d got away with it, why would you sit at the Melbourne airport and swallow it, and if you have to go to the loo on a flight to New Zealand? That would be a bit dangerous.”Police have said the diamond has not been discovered yet, but are working diligently to find it.

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