Rolling Stones’ Ronnie Wood is Tying the Knot – Again!

Rolling Stone guitarist Ronnie Wood has popped the question to his girlfriend, Sally Humphreys. Wood, 65, has only been dating his theater producer girlfriend Sally, 34, for six months, but you’d think after being married two times before he should have the hang of this by now!

Rolling Stones’ Ronnie Wood is Tying the Knot – Again!

Wood asked for Humphreys’ hand in marriage last week, just as he secured his financial future with some more gigs with the Stones for the next year. Supposedly the couple had actually known each other a while before hooking up and ever since they got together they have been inseparable. I bet friends are getting pretty tired of buying Ronnie wedding presents!

Wood’s stepson claims that Sally isn’t some bimbo like the women he typically goes for. Instead, she is someone that he needs – it’s too hard to keep up with his usual type anymore.

Wood was first married to Krissy Findlay from 1971 to 1978 and then had a fling after the split with Katia Ivanova. In 2008 he remarried to his second wife Jo, 57.

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