S.O.S.! My Ring is Stuck on My Finger!

Ring Stuck on FingerEngagement and wedding rings are worn all the time as symbols of eternal love and loyalty. However, age, weight, temperature, and other changing circumstances can lead to problems for those who are wearing rings. It’s fairly common to hear about a ring getting stuck on knuckles or cutting off a person’s circulation because it’s gotten too tight for the wearer. So how are you supposed to solve this problem? Here are some tips that will help you get the ring off of your finger.

S.O.S.! My Ring is Stuck on My Finger!

Lower your body temperature.

During the afternoon or when it’s hot out, you may notice that your ring feels tighter and more difficult to take off. High temperature causes body parts to swell, so it’s only logical to try to lower your body temperature if you can’t take off your ring. You can accomplish this by taking a quick walk if it’s cold outside – just long enough to loosen your ring as your finger decreases in size. You can also take a quick, cold shower or stick your hand inside a freezer for a few seconds until the ring becomes loose.

Use lubrication to slip the ring off.

Most moisturizers and slippery substances aren’t very good for precious metals and stones, but an emergency such as this allows warrants for their use. You can use petroleum jelly, hair conditioner, body lotion, or baby oil. Just lube up from the knuckle to where the ring is stuck, and twist the ring around your finger simultaneously. This way you’re getting some of the lubricant underneath the ring, as well. Then slide the ring around the lubricated finger, twisting lightly when you reach the knuckle, before pulling it off your finger completely.

Coax it off with a dental floss.

Dental floss is pretty handy when removing rings that are stuck on fingers – its waxy coating can help slip it right off. It’s flat and thin enough to thread under the ring, and then you wrap the floss around your finger up until the knuckle. Make sure it’s a snug winding, but no tight enough to cut off blood circulation. Try slipping off the ring by sliding it over the floss-wrapped area, or carefully unwind the floss from the bottom part of your finger so it moves the ring up to the knuckle.

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