Spotlight On: The Sapphire Engagement Ring

Spotlight On: The Sapphire Engagement Ring

Spotlight on the Sapphire Engagement Ring

The sapphire is a unique stone that has been dated back centuries. It is unique in the fact that it is the second hardest crystal made from the earth’s crust. This gemstone is currently becoming the hottest trend of 2013! Stars such as Elizabeth Hurley and Kate Middleton have sapphire main stones in their engagement rings.

The Mystical Powers of a Sapphire

The reason people gravitate towards this gemstone isn’t only because of its deep blue color, but because of the spiritual ambiance it gives off. Dating back centuries, people used to use the sapphire to ward off the plague. Besides defending against disease the sapphire has a more soothing feature to it as well.

The sapphire is used as a tool during massage because of its soothing aura. Many people use this stone to meditate with as well as a source of healing. Some holistic doctors think that sapphires can heal the nervous system!

Pros and Cons of this Gemstone

Some pros to having a sapphire center stone for your engagement ring are that the price will be substantially lower! Sapphires come in a various amount of shapes to fit the mounting of your choice.

Some cons are that most sapphires are usually included. The price also can vary from very high depending on the origin of the stone. For example a sapphire from Ceylon, Burma or Mogok will be more expensive than a sapphire mined in Montana. There are only 16 locations across the world where sapphires can be mined so they can be pricey.

Another good thing about sapphires is that they do come in a plethora of colors such as, yellow, pink, etc. There are also scientifically produced sapphires that are almost identical to an authentic earth-made stone the only difference is better clarity and a lower price!

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