Sapphire Engagement Rings Are The New Trend

Move on over diamond engagement rings, sapphires are here to steal the show.  Lately, there’s been an increase in sapphire popularity when it comes to choosing a center stone for your engagement ring.  Women are starting to take an alternative approach opting for these vivid gemstones in place of diamonds.

Regal and vibrant blue hues are the first two things that come to mind when I think of sapphires.  Sapphire engagement rings are offering an original and offbeat option.

sapphire engagement rings

Digging a little deeper, a lot of women end up opting for sapphire gemstones because they are a more ethical alternative than diamonds.  This trend speaks volumes for today’s engagement ring buyers.

In a nutshell, if you haven’t heard of “conflict-free diamonds” before, this is where the ethical business comes into play.  Diamonds, historically were linked to civil wars – in contrast the mining of sapphires show opposite statistics.

Now, before we get too weary of buying diamonds in the future, there are MANY jewelers who commit to only buying conflict-free diamonds.  Oftentimes these diamonds come with certification and assurance that the diamond you are buying was not produced and mined from a place where wars on diamonds are happening.

From Art Deco , Vintage, Modern and Contemporary styles, there’s something for every sapphire lover out there.  Below are some of my fave sapphire engagement rings that I know you’ll fall in love with as well.

14k White Gold Sapphire & Emerald Cut Diamond Engagement Ring

sapphire engagement ring

This vibrant engagement ring is made with 9.24 carat Blue Sapphire. A bold look with a hint of accent diamonds to complete this white gold engagement ring look.

Platinum 5.40ct Ceylon Sapphire & Diamond Engagement Ring

sapphire engagement rings

Woozah! This Sapphire engagement ring is made with a certified 5.40ct Ceylon Sapphire.  Surrounding the beautiful center gemstone are 2.88 carats of Trapezoid and Round Brilliant diamonds. This engagement ring is serving major bling!

Platinum 5.93ct Sapphire & Diamond Engagement Ring

sapphire engagement rings

This daring engagement ring is smaller than the previous too but mighty.  Made with a 5.93 carat Sapphire along with two side trapezoid diamonds to complete the look.

Platinum Oval Natural Burma Sapphire & Diamond Engagement RIng

sapphire engagement rings

It doesn’t get much grandiose than this.  This platinum engagement ring features a 6.81 carat Oval Natural Unheated Burma Sapphire.  Approximately 3 carats of oval shape diamonds wrap around the sapphire center that shimmers from every angle.  This bad boy is nothing short of spectacular.

Well, now that you’ve seen what the sapphire engagement ring world has to offer, what do you think? Would you ever opt for a sapphire instead of a diamond?

sapphire engagement rings


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