Sapphire Engagement Rings

Choosing an engagement ring can be a fun process, you have so many stones to choose from. You don’t have to have a diamond as an engagement ring as is commonly thought. In fact diamond engagement rings did not become popular until the 1920’s. More recently women have gravitated towards colored stones, especially sapphire engagement rings.


Prince William gave the newly wed Princess Catherine his mother’s Sapphire engagement ring. Prince William wanted to somehow include his beloved mother, Princes Diana, into the wedding. It made quite a stir when the ring was presented her with the beautiful 12 carat oval ruby with 14 solitaire diamonds circling it. Immediately women started choosing this beautiful stone for their own engagement rings.

A diamond is a beautiful choice for a stone in an engagement ring and it is not uncommon. Choosing a stone with beautiful colors may be more interesting for some women. You will certainly stand out in the crowd when you are wearing a colorful stone as opposed to a clear diamond. So show off your personality and choose a Sapphire engagement ring, you will look and feel like a princess.

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