Have you Seen Jenny McCarthy’s 10-Carat Engagement Ring?

Have you Seen Jenny McCarthy’s 10-Carat Engagement Ring?

Jenny McCarthy is Engaged!!

The lovable blond bombshell Jenny McCarthy has been quite active this year, getting a spot on The View, hosting the 2014 NYC Ball Drop, and of course dating infamous bad boy Donnie Walberg.

This is a pair we couldn’t of predicted with any type of crystal ball. Donnie is well known for being the bad boy of New Kids on the Block, and eventually becoming a rap artist like his movie star brother, Mark Walberg. Jenny even mentioned wedding bells would probably be in the picture for the funny girl, but we didn’t know how incredibly romantic it was going to be! Donnie worked with Daniel Arik of Happy Jewelers and Newport jewelers to create a one of a kind piece that would make your jaw drop.

Jenny is a rare breed who preferred a color stone engagement ring over a diamond, “He did have an idea of what he wanted,” Arik told ABC News. “We showed him a few different pieces and custom made his ring.”

Look at the Rock Donnie Walberg got for Jenny McCarthy!

Yellow sapphires that are that big are very expensive, he really dedicated time and of course, money to his woman! The yellow sapphire is oval shape, set in a four prong white(or platinum, we can’t really tell) micro-pave diamond setting. The ring is accompanied by what appears to be two trapezoid shaped diamonds on both left and right side. The shank and outer rim of the ring is round pave set diamonds. Jenny revealed her ring on The View, it was quite the statement, the ring basically encompasses her entire left ring finger!

We are so happy for the celeb duo! Jenny, 41 was previously in a 5 year relationship with comedian Jim Carey, the two split in 2010. In 1999 McCarthy married actor/director John Mallory Asher and in 2002 had son, Evan Joseph in 2002, he was then diagnosed with autism in 2005. Asher and McCarthy also split that year. 

Jenny is now a proud endorser of Autism awareness and is consciously fighting for a cure. Though her track record has many bumps in the relationship category we cannot stand how cute her and Donnie Walberg are! We think this one is really going to stick and are so happy for the couple!! Oh and also good job to Donnie for getting the perfect ring!

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