Should a Woman Pick out her Engagement Ring

Should a Woman Pick out her Engagement Ring

Should a Woman Pick out her Engagement Ring


Did you know that 28% of women reject a proposal if they hate the ring? Although this might seem like a stretch for some women it does happen. So our question to you is do you want to be completely surprised when your significant pops the question, or do you want to help choose the engagement ring?

This is a tricky subject because all women are different, but according to less than 25% of women want the proposal to be a surprise. Another statistic to throw your way is that approximately 70% of women agree that the woman should have some input on deciding what the engagement ring should look like, but they want to be surprised for the actual proposal. 6% of women said that they would prefer a joint decision on what the ring is and what the proposal will be.

In our opinion, we think that if you are concerned about the ring tell your friends and family so that your boyfriend has a source of information on what he can get for you. We also think that the proposal is a sentimental moment that the woman should be surprised for. It doesn’t have to be a big ordeal it can just be family or in private, but making sure the future bride has a proposal story to talk about can be a monumental story to look back on.

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