Should I Buy a Tiffany & Co. Engagement Ring?

tiffany ring pricingTiffany & Co. engagement rings or non-name brand engagement rings?  Seems like an easy choice since one of the two is a recognized luxury bridal line.

You’re not alone in assuming that just because an engagement ring is designer brand that the quality will be better all around. Although, it isn’t true (not at all actually).  The reason you end up paying, what seems like a fortune, more for your Tiffany & Co. engagement ring is because well, you’re paying for the brand.

Today, you’re in for a treat.  We’re going to explore how you can get a similar ring – or even better one – for a wayyyy less price.

tiffany ring pricingIn the photo above the better deal is actually the non-designer engagement ring. Which isn’t too hard to determine.  Both of these engagement rings are made in a platinum setting.  The Tiffany & Co. engagement ring is made with a 3.28ct Cushion center diamond.  The Tiffany ring price is $189,000.

tiffany ring pricingIn contrast, you can obviously see in this case the non-designer engagement ring is the way to go.  Not only are you getting platinum metal, but there is an over 7 carat cushion cut diamond.  Price?  $134,125.  That’s a whole lot diamonds more than $50,000 cheaper than the Tiffany ring.

tiffany ring pricingThese two engagement rings feature an Oval center diamond.  The Tiffany engagement ring is made in platinum vs. the non-designer ring that is made in 18k white gold.  However, this Tiffany & Co ring has a 4.22ct oval diamond and the non-designer features a 9.05ct oval diamond.

The difference in price?

The Tiffany & Co. ring price is $79,995.  The non-designer engagement ring is priced at $54,995.  That’s almost 30k less for a diamond over 4 carats more than the Tiffany ring.

tiffany ring pricing

As you can tell, when it comes to designer engagement rings you’re definitely paying for the brand. The pretty little Tiffany & Co stamp we love, oh so much.  But that doesn’t mean you can’t find a similar engagement ring for a fraction of the cost.

Don’t forget to explore ALL of your options before choosing your dream ring.


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