Should your honeymoon wardrobe match your wedding ring?

Should your honeymoon wardrobe match your wedding ring?


You will not always be sporting your best in every category while on your honeymoon, but unless you are 30 feet under water, you will likely be sporting your new ring. What to pack for your honeymoon has a lot to do with where you are going and what you are going to be doing (i.e. if you are going to the PGA championship together, your wardrobe will look very different than if you are tailgating at an NFL event). Let’s think about it like the good, the bad, and the ugly:

The Comfortable (The good):

Most importantly, your honeymoon should be relaxing and enjoyable for both you and your spouse.

Will you have times that you are apart from each other? Are you a night owl and he’s a morning person? If yes to either of these, you might consider bringing a good book or something else you like to do during alone time that you won’t be scheduled with things to do. Try not to sport the book that reeks of scandal and adultery. The title and cover should be at least as classy as your wedding ring. Also, the book should be the heaviest thing in your suitcase.

Take your most comfortable pair of shoes. If you’re climbing a fourteener, or attempting to beat Usian Bolt’s record, that goes without saying, but even if you are on a cruise, and don’t expect to walk more than a couple of yards per day, there will be times you are not interested in slipping on your heels or oxfords! Same goes for pants/skirts/shorts, shirts and undergarments.

If going where there will be water, bring a suit you can swim in and one to lounge in.

Don’t forget sunglasses. They can get pricey at resorts. And you’re limited on the style. Same goes for sunscreen and cameras.


The Sexy (the “bad”) :

If we’re going to call an apple an apple, let’s admit a honeymoon is a honeymoon. One of your swimming suits should be a sexy one. And bring along appropriate sleepwear for yours and your new spouse’s taste. Many new brides to be plan themed evenings, sleepwear that can be worn under daywear but will not be seen, or simply pack everything sexy, and let the night play itself out. Men, if you have preferences, now is not the time to be shy about them, if they haven’t already surfaced during your courtship.

This category would be unfinished, however, if we didn’t talk about the “public” nightlife. Don’t forget to bring your sexiest dress/suit, and their accessories.


And The Obvious (the ugly; if you forget them):

Certainly, you and your new spouse will want to take pictures to commemorate the beginning of your life together. So, don’t forget to bring the same things you would use to get ready for your wedding. Some of the essentials, and their consequences are as follows:

Toothbrush (ugly teeth), toothpaste (ugly breath), hair products (bad hair day), makeup products (porcelain face), eyewear (ugly vision), feminine products (right, you get the message).

Again, remember, don’t obsess over what to pack! Just enjoy your new spouse. For more about wedding rings or diamond engagement rings and the etiquette cradling it all, subscribe to this blog.

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