So You Hate Your Engagement Ring…

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Hopefully by now you have realized that getting engaged isn’t all about the ring. However many women have been known to ruin that iconic romantic moment when he is proposing just by their reaction or lack there of once they see the ring. That moment when you realize that the ring he is slipping on your finger, may not be quite what you expected it to be, can throw you off balance real quick. Of coarse, if your soon to be hubby went shoe shopping for you, and he came back with shoes that not even a hobo would wear, you wouldn’t hesitate to speak up. However, when it comes to a diamond ring that he spent time, money and energy into getting for you, that situation may be a little more difficult to bring up. Here is some ways you can tell your fiancé you want to switch up your engagement ring.You are going to have it for the rest of your life,  you want an engagement ring you absolutely LOVE!

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If you hate the setting of your engagement ring or it doesn’t match your style or taste, don’t be afraid to speak up about it. The best way to bring this up would be to be open and honest about how you feel. Maybe say “Hey babe I love what you did with my ring, however I’m not so crazy about the setting, I just feel it isn’t really me. Would you mind terribly if we went to pick out a setting together and see our options?” Break it to him gently, you don’t want him thinking you hate his taste! This can also be applied if you hate the diamond shape that your ring has set in it. That is an easy fix, most jewelers carry various shaped diamonds that can be easily switched out.

Another thing to remember is to check with your man to see if where he purchased your ring has a warranty or return policy on it. If so, you may be able to switch the setting or diamonds without any charge or extra obligations tied down to it.

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Worst case scenario is if you hate the entire ring, period. And no this doesn’t mean your a bad person. The best approach for this situation would be to say “Honey I love you and I love my ring because you picked it out for me, but to be honest I was thinking that (whatever style diamond ring you prefer aka: round with halo, or pear shaped center) may be more my style. I’m going to be wearing this ring forever, so i was thinking that we could go look at some engagement rings together and make a joint decision.

Just be sure to remember that honesty is the key to any relationship, married or single. Thats the way it is and always will be. He will appreciate your honesty and hopefully wont take it too personally. After all your marrying him, not the diamond ring.

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