Sofia Vergara Engaged… or Not?

Sofia Vergara Engaged… or Not?

The sexy Sofia Vergara has reportedly been sporting around her gorgeous – and enormous – new engagement ring! Boyfriend, now fiancé, Nick Loeb, was said to have popped the question to her when they were vacationing with some friends on the Riviera Maya on her 40th birthday.

There have been some conflicting reports about this engagement, though. Some reporters have said that she is not while others claim that she appears to be walking around with a giant rock on her finger.

It’s no secret that the couple has had their up and downs. They break up and they make up – it’s what they do. But when they do fight, they sure do know how to mend it back together. Sofia and Nick have been dating for over two years after they met at a Golden Globes party back in 2012, but last month the couple hit a rough patch and Sofia moved into a hotel for a while. Friends of the couple knew the separation wouldn’t last.Sofia was first seen wearing the stunning engagement ring on her left finger in a picture from Twitter. So, readers, do you think everyone is just confused and making a big deal out of nothing, or is the couple legitimately engaged?


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It seems like celebs have much more torrid love lives than the rest of us. Tabloids constantly report a barrage of celebrity engagements, celebrity weddings and celebrity break ups. And while we certainly have a vested interest in the bling that accompanies these stories, it remains juicy gossip in general! Here’s whats new and now in celebrity wedding land.


Sofia Vergara and Nick Loeb are reportedly engaged. Sofia and Nick are celebrating her 40th birthday in Mexico with 90 of her closest family and friends. Pictures from the trip show Sofia wearing what looks like an enormous diamond on a very particular finger. Conflicting sources have both confirmed and denied the engagement, but with a rock liek that, we’re leaning towards betrothed.

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